I created IT FITS because I wanted a protein bar that was different, provided an adequate amount of protein, truly nutritious and tastes great. With my dairy allergy and gluten intolerance, I could not find a bar to fit my lifestyle. I knew that if I had this problem, it must exist in others as well. I wanted to help people find something that would work within their unique lifestyle. The goal of IT FITS is to fit everyone’s life, not just those who are vegan or gluten free.


I have always enjoyed fitness and healthy living, but autoimmune issues had me on a roller coaster over the past several years. I gained weight and I was tired all the time. I even began to try every fad diet out there. Not only did they not work, but my health seemed to be getting worse. The turning point was when I found a strength coach who taught me about eating to fulfill macronutrients based on my body's specific needs. This helped me set daily macro goals and changed how I approached eating forever.

In 2016, I was driving from Detroit to Los Angeles and I was trying to eat right while on the road. But hitting my macro goals was not easy to do on the go with my sensitivities to certain foods. I was frustrated to find that most of the bars in the mainstream market did not cater to my food allergies or help me achieve the macro range I was in. That's when I knew I had to create something new to accommodate the lifestyle of people like me and IT FITS was born.


I’m all about helping people achieve their goals and hopefully these bars will provide a easy and quick snack on the go that has great ranges of protein, carbohydrates, fats and I think it tastes pretty good. ;)